May 22 2024


7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

Hatha Yoga For Back Pain

This class is suitable for everyone who is looking to take care of their back whether they have pain, weakness, or stiffness or just want to prevent any conditions in the future.

Just imagine you are a “Team Leader” and you have a very un-supportive team and most of the time “you” have to complete their tasks as well. Plus, you have to complete your work too, how loaded you will be and how bad your situation will be. On the other hand, imagine yourself working in a very supportive team, where you can distribute the tasks equally to all subordinates and just do your part of the work, how easy your life would be. In the same way, the lower back also needs a good support from its subordinates like hips, buttocks, abdomen, upper back, and hamstrings. If they do not provide sufficient support, it makes your back work extra and it starts having issues.

During this class, we will try to bring all the major muscles around the back in harmony with stretching and strengthening them through our “Special Muscle Harmony Protocol,” so the load is distributed equally among all the major joints, which decreases the load of the back and allows it to live an easy life. Plus, we will work on the back as well with stretching and strengthening the back muscles to re-train even the smallest muscles to create harmony among muscles and re-distribute the tasks to the respective muscles, but we make sure we don’t leave the back unsupported especially in case of pain. We mostly support the back with the floor or with wall and/or chair and most of our back exercises are anti-gravity postures to decrease the load on the back.

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