Dec 06 2023


7:15 pm - 8:15 pm

Hatha yoga – strenght and stretch

Do you know my classes are always known for good stretches and alignment? The reason is during my yoga therapy diploma, I learned since the clients coming to the class are suffering from some medical conditions, we do the simplest poses and we get wonderful results because in yoga therapy we make sure the clients use proper joints and muscles responsible for the postures and proper use of breathing.

To be more sure, I did a few experiments on my clients with simple postures to help them gain flexibility and get rid of back pain by proper utilization of joints and muscles and saw that they achieved their goals in just 15 sessions which they are trying from last 6 months. The same was the case with back pain, we helped people get relief from their back pains in less than one month. Plus, we maintained almost 90% accuracy.

What I have learned is if we do things properly, the results are fast and quite effective.  The 60-minute master class will be more like workshop learning how to engage and involve muscles and joints properly for each and every pose. Furthermore, some time will be devoted to Pranayama (breathing exercises), which is the most important practice in yoga.

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